Text Editor with Multiple Functionalities – Notepad++

Notepad++ is a popular software and text editor that is free to use with Microsoft Windows. First released in 2003, this useful application supports more than 140 plugins and is available in 84 languages. It is a preferred tool used by office staff, computer specialists, and other professionals around the world   Features Notepad++ comes […]

Search text in multiple OpenOffice documents

The Open document format (ODF) is a default format for text, spreadsheet, presentations created with OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Softmaker FreeOffice, Calligra, WPS Office, iWork, KOffice and many more completely free office suites.   Why people prefer free office suits   Many people prefer to use the open document formats for their work, because it is completely […]

How to Search for Text Inside Multiple PDF Files

PDF is among the most popular type of documents used in businesses, due to the fact that they can be locked for editing and accidental changes. Searching for a specific word, phrase or string of words and numbers in multiple pdf documents though can be quite a nerve-racking experience.   Instructions for modifying the default […]

Search text in multiple Excel files

Wondering how to find a specific Excel file amongst thousands of others by a specific text it contains?  If you are using Windows 7 or newer versions, you should be able to customize the search options available in Windows Explorer.   Using the Windows Explorer search, and the Indexing options Open Windows Explorer by right […]

How can I search through the content of multiple Word documents

If you are using Windows 7 or the newer version, then searching for a specific text, number or string of words among your text files is fairly easy.   Windows Explorer Search   The Windows Search option which can be found in top right corner of Windows Explorer, where you can see a search option […]

Search text in various types of text files

Much of the information on your computer is stored in text files. This is a general term for a large number of file types with different extensions, but they have in common that the text is stored in the most simple form – as a series of symbols.   The most common types of text […]