Search Text in Various Types of Text Files

Much of the information on your computer is stored in text files. This is a general term for a large number of file types with different extensions, but they have in common that the text is stored in the most simple form – as a series of symbols.


The most common types of text files are as follows.


Text files with the extension “.txt” contain unformatted text. Such files are recognized by all the text editors and word processors.


html & htm
Files with “.html” and “.htm” extensions are used to format and display both text and images in Web browsers. They contain markup code, which is stored in plain text format. Users do not usually see the HTML source code, but if  they want to, they may go to the View menu of the Web browser and select View Source. The “.htm” extension is less frequently used in comparison with the “.html” extension.


cpp & h
C++ is among the most frequently used programming languages. Code files have a “.cpp” extension and header files, also called include files, usually have a “.h” extension. Files with a “.cpp” extension can be opened with text editors, but they are usually edited with programs, providing syntax highlighting, auto completion, etc., and header files hold declarations for other files.


Java is another very popular programming language. It is intended for developers of applications in such a way that allows code, running on one platform, to run on another one without being recompiled. Much of the syntaxt in Java is derived from C and C++.


PHP, an abbreviation which stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, is an open source scripting language. The default extension for such files is “.php” and they can contain HTML, text, PHP code and JavaScript code. PHP can do quite a lot of things: read, write, open and close files on the server, delete, add and modify data in the database, etc.



JSP stands for JavaServer Pages. It is a technology that enables developers of software to create dynamic web content. It uses the Java programming language and resembles PHP. The file extension is “.jsp”.



XML stands for Extensible Markup Language. It is a markup language, defining rules that can be read both by people and by machines. Files with a “.xml” extension can store data and transfer it both over the Internet and between programs.



How to search for text in text files


Most often the search in text files is necessary for software developers or website developers, as their projects are stored in text files of type PHP, Java, C ++, HTML, XML and many others.


Also, when looking for some information in your documents, it is necessary to search in text files also, because it is possible that information was recorded in such type of file.


There are many ways to search in text files, such as the Search function of Windows Explorer. Each has some pros and cons.


One of the most convenient options for searching for text in files in Windows is SeekFast program. Some of its advantages and useful features are:

  • Extremely fast search in thousands of documents
  • Displays the most relevant results first
  • Shows sentences containing your search terms
  • You can view the text found in a document without opening it
  • Do not use indexing, so your computer is not loaded when you do not use the program
  • Supports search not only in text files but in many different file formats

SeekFast is capable of searching not only in text files, but you can search MS Word documents, Excel files, PDF files, OpenOffice documents and many others.


In order to search in a folder with text files using SeekFast, navigate to the folder in Windows Explorer and choose SeekFast.




The process of search is fairly easy – add your search terms and press Enter.




Because of these advantages, SeekFast is suitable for searching in large software projects written in PHP, Java, C ++, Perl and many other programming languages.

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