Most Useful Software for Copywriters

Whatever digital reality you are working in, be it social media or blog marketing, the creative process is made much easier with the right suite of tools. While most of us have heard of and used software like Hemingway and Grammarly, there is a plethora of lesser-known tools you can put to good use to make copywriting more efficient, increase conversion rates, and ensure better readability. Some of the programs that I’ve been using for quite some time and find particularly useful are the free checker by The Writer, SeekFast, Copywritely, Answer the Public, and Rhymezone.



Better Readability


The fact that you found the right words and have the inspiration to write doesn’t mean that your post or article will be easy to read and digest. This is where readability software comes to help you out. The free checker from The Writer, for example, uses the SMOG Index and Flesch reading ease scale to show you how easy your text is to read. If you get a score of about 50, for instance, this is about as readable as the Financial Times but there is room for improvement. A score of about 65 means you are on par with Reader’s Digest, while most comic books score around 90. Basically, the higher your score, the easier it is to read your copy.



Search Documents with Ease


If you are like most of us, and a prolific writer on top of that, you are probably hoarding information for later use. It may be research, quotes that you liked, writing or publishing guidelines, drafts, or anything else that you plan to use at some point in the future. With files piling up, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track, and you may forget the location of one, a handful, or even most of your saved information. This is where a handy tool like SeekFast comes to the rescue. A software tool to search for text in thousands of files on your computer, it shows relevant results much like Google does. It is an intelligent search engine that analyzes search words and displays results based on frequency, order, proximity, and other factors. As you can search through up to 20,000 files, SeekFast is that one tool to use when working on a large project with hundreds or thousands of files available.


One downside is the fact that you can only search through up to 50 documents with the free version. The paid version allows you to search through thousands of files simultaneously.



Writing Correctly


As creative, vibrant, and fantastic a writer as you are, if you make grammatical or spelling mistakes, your writing will look unprofessional. Content analysis software like Copywritely can help you to perfect your text, rewrite sentences, and fix issues such as keyword spamming and plagiarism. Additionally, the software provides recommendations to delete or replace text, checks for significant errors, and offers explanations for every correction made. Keep in mind that like other types of editing software, this one cannot replace proofreading by the human eye. Even AI-powered software is not as advanced as a human brain.



Generate Ideas


The first step to creating engaging, interesting, and fun content is to come up with a topic to write about. In today’s digital era with easy access to information, it can be both challenging and easy to come up with great ideas. It can be difficult because the Internet is jammed with stories, arguments, theories, and questions. And at the same time, it is easy because of the instant access to information. With Answer the Public’s topic generator, it gets even easier because it shows you all the questions that people ask around a certain keyword.


Let’s say you want to write about dog breeds. The topic generator shows commonly asked questions like: “Which dog breeds are good with cats?” “What dog breeds live the longest?” and “Can all dog breeds swim?”


Answer the Public offers plenty of keyword options, including alphabeticals, comparisons, and propositions. On the downside, it doesn’t show you which searches are the most popular.



Come Up with Rhymes, Descriptive Words, Definitions


Writing poems can be hard, but there are tools to help you with things like rhyming words. Rhymezone is one such tool that rhymes words and can generate literary references, common phrases, synonyms, quotes, and more.


Let’s say you are looking for words that rhyme with “flame.” Rhymezone comes up with phrases and words such as game, came, dame, and frame. The advanced interface also shows rhyme ratings for different words. There is also an option to limit search to rare words like trame, faim, and arame. But what in the world is arame? You don’t have to google it. Just hover over the word and you’ll learn it is “edible seaweed with a mild flavor”.


The tool also shows how flame is often described – feeble, luminous, bright, eternal, sudden, etc. Additionally, there is an option to search for mentions, including pop music, books, quotes, poetry, and even hip hop. So if you choose to limit your search to pop music, for example, you’ll get mentions like “Burn like a flicker in a red hot flame” (Burn by Chris Young).


Rhymezone even shows related words that other people are searching for. In this case, such words are candle, torchbearer, and inferno.


This tool has plenty of neat features, but obviously it cannot write poems for you and only offers helpful suggestions.





Copywriters are often suspicious of new tools and software that businesses are marketing. Yet, there are some handy intelligent tools to plan, draft, polish, and deliver content more easily and effectively. From tracking discussion forums and defining your topic to producing error-free copy and locating images to complement your copy, software can help you to enhance your writing, save you time, and make the creative process less painful and more enjoyable.