Search text in multiple OpenOffice documents


The Open document format (ODF) is a default format for text, spreadsheet, presentations created with OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Softmaker FreeOffice, Calligra, WPS Office, iWork, KOffice and many more completely free office suites.


Why people prefer free office suits


Many people prefer to use the open document formats for their work, because it is completely free, it is still compatible with the Microsoft Office products, it is easy to use and offers excellent protection and locking of the documents to protect the content.  ODF files are actually ZIP archives, which is why searching multiple documents for a specific word or phrase could be complicated.


Searching through OpenOffice files with Windows Explorer Search


If you want to search through your OpenOffice files, you can customize the search indexing options if you are using Windows 7 or the subsequent versions of this operating system.  This can be done by accessing the Indexing options in the Control panel. Choose Advanced and then go to File type. Scroll down to odt, ott, oth and odm, click on their boxes and choose the Index properties and file contents option underneath. Click OK.




If all this seems too complicated and time consuming to you, there are various plugins, programs and tools available which offer quick search of various types of files and documents.


One of the easiest to use, and with the most relevant results is SeekFast. It is a reliable, user friendly desktop search tool, which you can try out for free right away.


It allows you to search the multiple files, including OpenOffice files in your computer for any text, phrase or other content. It provides a quick and consistent search, without the slow and annoying file indexing process which the Search in Windows Explorer utilizes.



Search text in OpenOffice documents



All the top results will appear first in accordance to the relevance of the findings. You can quickly preview the contents of a file without needing to open it. Everything in SeekFast is done quickly and with maximum convenience and easy for the users.


SeekFast can search through: doc, docx, odt, rtf, pdf, txt, pptx, xlsx, java, html, htm, XML, PHP and other file types which contain words, phrases or string of numbers.




Bluefish is a multi-platform tool which is available for Mac, Windows, Linux and has a wide variety of features and is a multiple document interface which can quickly open more than 500 documents at the same time, and find any text or text string and replace it with another.




DocFetcher is a desktop application for searching though almost any kind of file on your computer for a particular text or phrase.  It is an open source application and works for Windows, Linux and OS X.



Searching through OpenOffice files



However, it is far from the convenience of SeekFast, where you can easily view all sentences corresponding to your search.