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SeekFast has the ability to rapidly search the documents on your computer. SeekFast then organizes the results in a way that makes it easy for you to find what you are looking for, see it  in its context, and then retrieve it  as quickly as possible. Similar programs do not have this technology, which makes SeekFast unique in the field of search technologies.
Some of the essential features of SeekFast are:

Rapidly searching thousands of documents

SeekFast is an extremely fast and easy to use program that can search for a text in multiple files in a folder on your computer. The number of documents that can be searched varies according to whether you use the Free or the Full version of the program. If you are using the Full version, you will be able to search thousands of documents. Searching in both versions is easy and convenient and although SeekFast has a Help section, the program is easy enough to use without even reading the information in this file. All you have to do is choose a directory to search and enter the search words or phrases. After that you get all the sentences in which they occur in milliseconds. This is particularly useful to people who are pressed for time and need to find something very quickly.

Displaying the most relevant results on the top

One of the advantages of this program is that it uses a modern linguistic technology and the results appear in an order of relevance to your search – just like a search in Google or any other web-based search engine. This, however, is not the only option, since you can also sort the results by date or alphabetical order of the found files. This makes the program adaptable to people with different needs. In order for people to find the information they need, they have to keep in mind that the order of the words they have typed determines the arrangement of the results of the search. If you get too many results per search, you have to narrow down the search by adding one or more words.

Viewing the immediate context containing the searched terms

The use of the program is not limited to getting the searched terms. Users can also view context surrounding the search words on the screen. This happens automatically, so you will not waste time searching the menu for this option. For greater convenience, search terms are highlighted in red making them easy to notice in the search process.

Opening the corresponding documents with a single click

With SeekFast you do not have to perform the extra steps required in most search programs which require you to open the appropriate program for the file, then find your file again.  All you do in SeekFast is click the filename listed in your search results and the program with your search results opens that file.

Viewing larger parts of the searched document with a single click

Another important feature of the program is that you can easily view the larger context in which the search terms occur. So, if you want to see the whole context of the found text, it is not necessary to open the file – just click on the red-lettered text found by SeekFast and you will see the entire context on the screen of the program. This may be enough to find the specific text you are searching for, so that it may be unnecessary to open the document or file. From SeekFast you can copy any amount of the text at this point for insertion in any program you choose. Also, there is an option to set the maximum number of sentences that will be displayed from each file.

Integration in Windows Explorer

One of the ways to search terms is by browsing for the folder you want to be searched through the SeekFast application. But it is also possible to access SeekFast directly from Windows Explorer – right-click on the folder you want to search and choose SeekFast. With the opening of the program, you can now search the selected directory. This is useful for people who have many folders and subfolders on their computer, because they can easily start a “Seek”.

Freedom from indexing

A great advantage over other search software is the fact that SeekFast does not use indexing. Indexing works constantly and takes a lot of the resources of your computer. It can slow down the work of your system and can give you incorrect results, if it was indexed even a couple of days earlier. With this program you get up-to-date results and you do not unnecessarily burden your computer with indexing. 

Support of various file formats

SeekFast can search a huge variety of files: Microsoft Word 98-2003 Documents (DOC), Microsoft Word Documents (DOCX), PDF files (PDF), Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets (XLSX), Microsoft PowerPoint files (PPTX), OpenOffice Document Text (ODT), Rich Text Format (RTF), Text Documents (TXT, HTML, HTM, C, CPP, H, JAVA, JSP, XML, PHP, PROPERTIES, PL, PLX, LOG). Users can choose what type of files are to be searched. This is particularly useful, because if you know the format of the document you want to find, you will narrow down the search and find what you want quickly and easily. And if you are not sure about the format of the document, you can always select all the formats and SeekFast will find them.