Products SeekFast

In our everyday work the developers of SeekFast needed a tool capable of searching a text in multiple documents simultaneously. This led us to develop SeekFast, which was first released in 2008. SeekFast did a tremendous job for us - it searched in our office documents as well as in our software projects. The tool helped us to search in thousands of files in milliseconds.
Development of the program took several years. We integrated different technologies in SeekFast - for intelligent search and retrieval, for extracting text from different file types - MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, OpenOffice, RTF,  and others. Each of these file types has a different--sometimes very complex--structure which is why our development took a relatively long time. In return we got a product that is universal enough to be able to search in the most frequently used documents on any computer and become of use to the most basic of computer users.
We developed the technology for intelligent search in texts. In doing this we have given you at the top of your search results the text that best fits your criteria. When you type a few words, SeekFast analyzes them and takes into account many factors in the arrangement of the results - the word’s proximity in the text, the frequency of occurrence in the text, and others. This enables the program to filter the results according to your demand, which is similar to the way other internet search engines work - like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. In other words, SeekFast turned into a very fast search engine for files on a personal computer and without the process of indexing that virtually all of the other text-searching engines use.
In recent years SeekFast became one of the most popular desktop search tools with a variety of useful features. SeekFast can search in documents written in almost every language. SeekFast is already used all over the world by over ten thousand users, and their numbers increase daily. We anticipate that with our unique technology and ease of use the numbers will continue to grow.


We are constantly working to improve the capabilities of SeekFast and welcome your thoughts and opinions concerning the program!