Home Limitations

Along with the great features and advantages of SeekFast, you should keep in mind the following limitations of the program:

You can not search your entire hard disk

SeekFast will not be able to search your entire hard drive, as the program is designed to search into a specific folder.

The maximum number of files is 10,000

The maximum number of files to be searched with SeekFast is limited to 20 files for the Free version, and to 10,000 files in the Full version.


Restriction of the maximum number of files was created to ensure high performance of the program and to save the memory of your computer.

Search in PDF files is limited to Latin characters

Search in all languages in PDF files will be included in subsequent program versions.

Maximum size of files included in the search

SeekFast does not search in PDF files that are larger than 16 MB, and in any other files that are larger than 50 MB.
This restriction is necessary in order to preserve the memory of your computer, because taking a lot of memory can slow down the operation of other programs.

SeekFast can not search in folders outside the local computer

SeekFast is designed to search files on your computer rather than on other computers that you access over the network. Problems may be encountered when searching through the network, so we recommend that you copy the network files to your computer so that you can search them with SeekFast.