SeekFast is an excellent, simple to use application, with a large array of file types that it can search. The ability to upload a list of keywords was also a time saver, as this allowed us to look through thousands of files within only an hour or two, compared to the months it would have taken us to do manually or with other file search softwares we’ve tried.


I also want to brag about the professionalism and care for the users that SeekFast demonstrates. We had some minor issues that SeekFast was very quick in helping us resolve, one of the best customer support experiences that I’ve dealt with.


This is truly a search software built for those who need a quick and reliable solution to file searching. Highly recommend to anyone, you will search no further.


Austin Simmons

IT Business Systems Analyst

JTEKT North America Corporation

Sylvania, GA, USA

January 12, 2023



"First of all, a big thank you for updating this important feature: the ability of your software to recognise the various standard email formats. It's incredible how quickly it indexes files of various formats and how quickly it recognises a keyword on a set of large files.


Then, thank you again for listening to users, your speed, and your professional skills in the field of IT.


As part of my professional and also personal activities, I have to manage a very large quantity of documents in multiple formats. When you need to search for a document with a keyword in this mass of documents, your software does the job with incredible precision. The reliability of your software is almost perfect. In other words, this software, in the rapid search of documents represents for me an essential tool."


Bernard Oliva

Senior Health Executive

AP-HP Sorbonne University

Paris, France

June 03, 2022



"SeekFast is the best doc searcher I have ever used in terms of speed and stability. Thanks for your great software to improve my productivity!"


Shawn Zhang

Software Engineer

Beijing, China

June 27, 2021



"I'm a writer who works in many short forms (short stories, song lyrics, poetry, essays) as well as long. I need to keep all drafts of all of my work electronically, so there are thousands of files in dozens of folders on my computer. Seekfast enables me to quickly locate specific as well as multiple versions of any of my works. It's an invaluable tool."


Isidore Elias

World-famous playwright, librettist and songwriter

 Brooklyn, New York, USA

April 27, 2021



"I have over 12,000 short quotes, stories and illustrations stored in multiple Microsoft Word files that have been randomly typed in over the years, with no attempt to organize them (other than to drop them in a single folder) because I had a program that would search them and find what I needed. With the evolution of Windows that searching task has become more cumbersome to the point of being impossible.


I find it hard to believe that in 20 years of hunting for a search engine that does what I want that SeekFast would be the ticket. I have downloaded at least a dozen programs over the years, but none did the job I needed and ALL of them did that tiresome indexing that was of little help for my needs. Now you have solved it for me!


Count me as a HUGE fan and endorser of the software. I think I could sell it to anyone who wondered what it would do."


Richard Love

Human Resources Associate

Ruston, Louisiana, USA