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"One especially nice feature is that it not only shows the result of the searched term, but also the fragment where the text appears so that one need not open every document to see if it is the right one. It supports multiple formats and is compatible with Word, PDF, TXT, HTML, RTF, etc. It uses no noticeable computer resources and just sits on one’s computer waiting to be called to action. The email/support ticket procedure is excellent".

Mark Snyder

Northridge (LA), California, USA


"I have over 12,000 short quotes, stories and illustrations stored in multiple Microsoft Word files that have been randomly typed in over the years, with no attempt to organize them (other than to drop them in a single folder) because I had a program that would search them and find what I needed. With the evolution of Windows that searching task has become more cumbersome to the point of being impossible.


I find it hard to believe that in 20 years of hunting for a search engine that does what I want that SeekFast would be the ticket. I have downloaded at least a dozen programs over the years, but none did the job I needed and ALL of them did that tiresome indexing that was of little help for my needs. Now you have solved it for me!


Count me as a HUGE fan and endorser of the software. I think I could sell it to anyone who wondered what it would do."

Richard Love

Ruston, Louisiana, USA


"For a quick view of the word or phrase in its context, one can click on any line in the text with the search words in bold red. During the installation, I was offered access to SeekFast through the right-click menu in Windows Explorer. This makes the program easily accessible when I find myself deep down in a maze of sub-folders and need to carry out a “Seek”. The support staff was very responsive to my inquiries, always answering within 24 hours of my request".

Peter Royle

Laval, Quebec, Canada


"SeekFast is extremely easy to use and almost anyone that has performed a search using Google or a similar search engine will be able to use SeekFast from the first opening of the program. I like the ability to view the sentence containing the search words without having to open the file. This function of SeekFast makes the search job even faster as the goal of the search is to find the file one is searching for. Being able to select the folder(s) to limit the search to shortens search times even further".

Dana Cardwell

Little Elm, Texas, USA


"To my surprise, SeekFast helps one find the searched terms almost instantly, so it is really fast. The programme is far from complicated and one may even skip reading the “Help”. Also, you can start the programme with a right click of the mouse and I find this option very useful, because it can save you quite a lot of time".

Teodora Georgieva

Sofia, Bulgaria


"You have a very nice product that is easy to use."
Darryl Wortman
Chapel Hill, Tennessee, USA


"SeekFast is AWESOME. Great program!"

Lawrence Massaro
San Diego, California, USA


"SeekFast - really smart, fast and accurate solution to search for specific texts in multiple Word, PDF and text files. A really great tool that works like a charm. Highly-recommended."
Softoxi editors